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Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014

How to get New Honda Brio Satya On Indonesia

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) that in the near future it plans to raise the price of one of their cheap car that is Honda Brio Satya. And this time the planned increase is being proposed to the government for approval. 

Buy New Honda Brio Satya On Indonesi
New Honda Brio Satya

As explained by Fandy Jonfis as Director of Marketing and Aftersales Service HPM that the increase was deliberately done based on the current inflation. 

"Honda Brio Satya based inflation will rise again. The increase is determined by the government, so we just submitted a proposal only. The rule is that, after a year could be revised price, "said Jonfis. 

2014 Honda Brio Satya Indonesia 

Jonfis adding that the increase is likely to begin next month, but for potential customers who already ordered today will still be given the same price as before. 

Even Tomoki Uchida who is the President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor does not deny it, he just explained that the increase in the price of a cheap car LCGC will occur in all brands, so not only in force for the Honda Brio Satya alone. 

Uchida added that the increase is a mutual agreement and the expected increase in the price car LCGC 6 percent. A little info that all of the brand's cars can go up in price after one year of its launch. And the Honda Brio hatchback car Satya has been present in Indonesia since the year 2013 ago